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The Basil Tree is a basil plant on a stem and therefore has a nice appearance, both indoors and on the terrace. You will see that this plant looks great in the kitchen and in addition in a hip, green living room. With its delicious, strong basil scent, you also bring nature into your home!

With this plant, the time of buying a new basil plant every two weeks is over. The Basil Tree continues to give fresh basil leaves non-stop, allowing you to enjoy this basil plant for as long as you want. All you have to do is keep cutting the plant in shape, watering it, and regularly add plant food. 

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Care tips

You can keep the Basil Tree both indoors and outdoors. Give the plant enough water because basil dries out quickly. To keep the nice shape, you must cut the Basil Tree into shape. The crown, or the top of the plant, must also be cut. If you don’t do this, the top will pop open and you must prune back the plan. About 2-3 weeks later, the plant returns to its normal shape!


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